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With over 26 years in law enforcement (with the Department of Treasury and Homeland Security) and 20 years of digital forensics experience in both the federal government and private industry, DA Forensics experts can discuss with you your individual needs and concerns and offer solutions to help you resolve them. Let the DA Forensics experts offer digital forensic solutions for issues ranging from domestic (divorce, custody, infidelity, online cyberbullying, etc.) to business related issues such as intrusions, intellectual property (IP) theft, embezzlement, fraud, employee misconduct, theft of trade secrets, identification of spyware involved in networks and insurance claims. DA Forensics team members can also assist in the recovery of cryptocurrency keys from digital media. We offer a free one-hour consultation and estimate, so call us today!

Data Collection & Investigations

DA Forensics experts will work with you to identify devices where evidence exists, or should exist, and use the appropriate methodologies and tools to collect digital data and analyze evidence forensically. The DA Forensics team has experience investigating digital data contained in all types of media, to include but not limited to, computers, networks, cloud storage, vehicles, phones, hard drives, thumb drives and other media, in both criminal and civil matters.

Data Analysis

At the beginning of each investigation, a DA Forensics specialist will request certain detailed information be provided, to include digital evidence, at which time the DA Forensics team will begin to analyze the digital data to further "tell the story". Your DA Forensics representative will work with you every step of the way to develop a methodology that will ensure the retrieval of all necessary evidence available. ​​​​​​​


At the conclusion of the examination, or at any time requested by the client, DA Forensics will prepare a comprehensive report to support its findings. DA Forensics will coordinate with you and your counsel to ensure that all written reports prepared will comply with all applicable legal standards.

Employee Monitoring Solutions

DA Forensics also offers computer monitoring solutions to our clients. Our specialists will recommend and install software on your company's PC, MAC or Android, which will record all on-screen activity and store the data securely for later review.


DA Forensics offers solutions to address the federal and state regulations and compliance issues surrounding electronic document management, to include serving as a Special Master.

Digital Forensics Preliminary Analysis

If requested, this type of analysis can be conducted, at a fraction of the cost, in order to determine its viability in the investigation. However, our clients should be aware, this type of limited search could result in missed evidence located in unallocated space or encrypted files or containers.

Incident Response

Contact DA Forensics as soon as possible (we are available 24/7, 365) for suspicions of a compromise in order to preserve evidence both timely and properly. It is imperative that your system(s) not be turned off, as doing so will most likely destroy valuable and volatile information. DA Forensics can respond to the scene if deemed necessary to assist with this process. Once engaged, DA Forensics will evaluate your concerns and acquire information relevant to the network(s) and or system(s) involved. This information will relate to and include, but not be limited to, passwords, networks, servers, Internet, software and operating systems. We will preserve volatile data, logs and electronic evidence. DA Forensics will also conduct the investigation of all systems containing electronic data as expeditiously and accurately as possible. Our DA Forensics experts possess forensic tools that operate in a network-type environment and can accomplish live-collections, as such, computer systems and networks do not need to be turned off.

Malware identification

DA Forensics will determine if a system is compromised or client wrongfully accused, based on our exploit analysis in conjunction with our digital forensics analysis. We can assist clients in determining the validity of such defenses.

Additional Specialized Services

We offer a range of investigative services

Due to the advancement of technology, we need to be extra careful regarding cybersecurity and the preservation of data. As there are high chances of misconduct and fraud, we will provide you with justice. Services provided by our company are;
Call Detailed
Record (CDR)
Cell Tower
Global Position Service
(GPS) Analysis
Cell Phone, SmartPhone
Digital Forensics Incident
Response (DFIR)
DVR Recovery
and Analysis
Expert Testimony
and Reports
Internet of Things
Investigation Services to assist in identifying evidence for criminal or civil cases
Network Forensics: Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR)